AMA Recap : ARCS (ARX ) x A&T Community


Kunihiro Katsuragi:
Project brief intro (from Medium):

The project takes it root in a vision of bringing well-being to individuals around the world. Well-being is essentially a better life, both physically, mentally and socially. It aims to empower individuals with ownership of their own data and identity so they can harvest the value it holds, instead of giving it away for free. This is not a declaration of war against the big corporations and centralized authorities who traditionally have been collecting data on their terms, but a system for a fairer balance between rightful data owners and the ones who want to acquire — this is the next generation of data banking.

MrBut :
Question 1 : As a community driven project, how can I contribute my quota to your success? Do you have a Global ambassadorial Program or Referral Reward System? Do I get any benefits from holding $ARX token in the long term? @chuatebongdem

Kunihiro Katsuragi:
This is actually well asked question.

Thank you for your question.

So we have been developing partnerships with several companies in Japan which we will announce soon.

You can see the business developments of ARCS and with that being on going, we can assure you that the value of ARCS will go up.

Stay with us longer, more benefits you will get

MrBut :

Question 2 : Do you consider DID as the solution to identity problems and kyc issues in crypto space? @brianrian66

Kunihiro Katsuragi:
We don’t think DID itself will be the solution to identity problems.

There are tons of projects that claim they are implementing DID but to be honest I haven’t seen one that actually doing so.

So what we strongly believe is that we need to have a real collaboration with the real companies to use blockchain/ token technologies.

Therefore we are confident to achieve what we wanna do ,
 Since we are engaging the talks with real companies

MrBut :

Question 3  : what are the ways that Arcs generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ?

How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ? @pim2000

Kunihiro Katsuragi:
The overall business model of the AIre ecosystem is the mechanics between data provider, data buyer, and the data bank. The provider can be individuals or third parties, and the buyers are typically businesses who needs the data for analytics. The providers data inputs can come in many formats such as social media, questionnaires, feedback, and proprietary data structures. Once the data rest in the data bank, businesses can inquire data access in return for points or payment tokens for users. The users are protected by high level of privacy and options to authorize different buyers to acquire different data.

This is the basic business model
By on boarding more companies users can make benefits out of it.

We as canow, as an incubator, we will publish more contents in near future.

Stay tuned in here more info

MrBut :

Question 4 : Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can you convince users invest to your platform in the long-term? @guuadunbi

Kunihiro Katsuragi:
I believe we cannot make anyone to do in your desired way.

So we just keep moving forward until the market sees the real value in us.

MrBut :

Question 5 : At present- Defi seems to be a useful case and concept. Many financial-related blockchain projects are built internally using Defi. Therefore- in addition to working with banks- has your team considered integrating Defi into the $ ARCS-ARX platform? @locduyenn

Kunihiro Katsuragi:
Well DeFi is a concept to create decentralised finance.

So yes what we do is heavily related to DeFi in many ways.

With DID, we can give solution to unbanked people for example.

We can offer more than that in near future.
Part III : All members can ask anything directly about ARCS project
Question 1
: What are the advantages will you get moving from Ethereum platform to another highly scaled one? and which would be it?

What is the guarantee do you give your users their data banks will be completely secure in AIre ecosystem? @MaxiVV
Kunihiro Katsuragi:
Advanteges would be the scalability but the reason why we are staying in Etherum is that there are more engineers in Ethereum community so it’s easy to work with them.

We have tested polkadot but we think we need little bit more time to move on to different one.
Question 2 : I am an avid fan and active member of ARCS and I already joined some events in the last months and this month. My question is that, is there any events you are planning for the ARCS community for the coming months?If there any, can you give us an idea about it.Thank you! @jobel3
Kunihiro Katsuragi:
Thank you for following us!!

We are considering to host live zoom event in near future.

Please stay tuned
Question 3 : What do you think of a public chain with privacy features? Many public chains are considering adding privacy features, such as adding zero-knowledge proofs, will ARX  develop in this field? @Bit_Top
Kunihiro Katsuragi
Good one.

Of course it’s easy to say but if you look outside of this industry, very few is talking about it.

So in order to scale big time, we have to work with the companies outside of this industry.

actually that is the most difficult part that most projects are facing
Question 4 : Is ARX have any Coin Burn / BuyBack system or any plans for Token Burn for increasing the value of Tokens & attracts Investors towards Stake for investments? @typhucrypto
Kunihiro Katsuragi

We are talking with exchanges to do staking for sure.

But not the buring at the moment.
Question 5 : How do you think about Viet Nam community for the further development of ARCS?  @ttbqb3st
Kunihiro Katsuragi
It has huge potential.

We will conduct PoC in Indonesia soon but also Vietnam is also very attractive market for us.

We might do something in Vietnamese community soon!!
Thanks for @Kuni_95 the AMA is over. All information will be updated soon at A&T about AMA today. thank you
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